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First encounter of an escort with a client

As a university graduate, Sly had tried to look for work in the city but all was in vain. At one time, she was employed as a saleswoman but the job was underpaying and she had a lot of necessities to meet, making her quit the job. That’s when she decided to become an escort in an agency in London.

Though she was beautiful, curvy, and tall, no client in the agency had ever chosen her to accompany him in having fun. Luck came her way on this day when she was told that a certain client had requested for her services.

Being the first client ever, she became exited and kept thinking and imagining how the encounter would turn out to be. But from the little knowledge she knew, she had to prepare herself well in order to look sexy. She made her hair, cut her toenails and fingernails, and finished by shaving her pubic hair so as to look presentable.

Each and every time, she was stealing a glance at the clock wishing for the time to pass quickly as she was booked that night. Though she needed money seriously, she also was in need for someone who would share a night with her as she had broken with her boyfriend a month ago. To her that opportunity seemed perfect so as to forget her past experience.

Time came and she took a taxi to the indicated hotel. Pressed the door bell and out came a tall muscular guy, handsome in nature. He showed her in and they sat down at the bed chatting a little while sipping some wine to set the mood.

Slowly, the guy approached her tenderly and as per the lessons learnt, she responded in the best way to make a client happy. According to the deal, she was to do some blowjob first, but the client changed and opted for romance, then later have sex.

Her soft hands massaged her muscular body to the point that both were ready for sex. They had a night full of activities, tying various positions which both of them found pleasing.

As time elapsed, the guy was gentle enough and paid her for the services. In addition, she gave her a tip for being a good companion, and facilitated her with a number if she needed another encounter.