Cruise to Emasculation

It didn’t take long after we were married for Mattie or me to realize
that I was not the man she needed to satisfy her needs. Our age
difference was a key factor, I was 51 and Mattie was 28. I knew all
along that she was marrying me for my money, but that was all right. I
was deeply in love with her, she made me the envy of all of my
friends, and I had millions from the sale of my company, so if it was
money she wanted, there was plenty for both of us.

There was also my concern over the size and effectiveness of my penis
and my ability to fulfill her needs. Even in using Viagra, my erect
penis is small and wilts far too fast. In fact it would all too often
go from a dinky erection into a shriveled up piece of flesh before I
could get it inside of her or worse and most humiliating was when it
would wilt inside her, before I ejaculated. I knew it was frustrating
for her. After only a few attempts at intercourse, Mattie rejected all
of my advances and any demonstration of affection.