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Being a London escort

When I say I love my job I mean I LOVE my job. Most people get up in the morning, work nine to five and forget to take care of themselves or have a little fun on the side. I’m so lucky that being a London escort is all about taking care of myself and having fun on the side.

Being a London escort means that I get to meet the most interesting people and I get a real kick out of showing my customers a good time. Some of the guys are so sweet and funny while some of them are really smart so I get to learn a lot of interesting things on the job.

t’s not all about the bedroom; London escorts are located right in the heart of a really wonderful city. I’ve had clients take me shopping in high end stores or out to dinner at exotic restaurants. I feel like there is something for everybody, even if it’s just a walk around the park; which means our services are about so much more than physical contact.

London escorts are probably some of the best in the world, but I guess I’m a bit biased! I feel like we know what it takes to pamper a customer in all the right ways without losing that touch of class that makes London so special. It can be rough and dirty but it can also be elegant and wonderful. A really great escort should try to be exactly like her city and that’s what I do every day.

One of my favourite things is when I’m out with a client from out of town, especially if he is from overseas. I love it because I get to show him around the area and introduce him to all the wonderful things this place has to offer.

I remember that I had this one client that found me on Cleopatra Escorts who had never been to London before and he wasn’t travelling with anyone so he wanted a little company. We spent an hour just walking around the city chatting before we even went back to his hotel room and then he booked a dinner date with me for the following evening. He really appreciated my company and all the things I showed him just as much as our time together at the hotel – although of course, the time in the hotel was nothing to complain about!

Being a London escort is the best job I’ve ever had. I actually can’t wait to go to work most days because something new and exciting is always on the cards. I’m a real people person so I plan on doing this job for quite a while because I know there are so many great clients I haven’t met yet. I get to show someone a great new experience while they show me one in return! How many people can say that about the place they work?